This is For You, Whether You...

  • Feel stuck (and so alone!) like you can't get ahead no matter how hard you try
  • Just need some extra encouragement right now 
  • Are weighed down by stress, depression, confusion or worry and need some clarity
  • Need a financial breakthrough and need help developing a strategy
  • Need a word from God for the season that you are in right now
  • Need clear direction concerning your next steps in life because you can't do the same thing you have been doing 

If you’re like most people we speak to daily, then we know you feel confused, afraid, and like you are out of God’s will. We know that you might be struggling to hear God clearly, but it doesn’t have to be that way. We once felt like this too until someone spoke words from God over us. Now we feel happy, significant, and we can hear God’s soothing voice and it nourishes our soul.

I can hear God's voice clearly for my life and for yours too.

We want to help you hear God's loving voice. We've built a relationship with God over the years that now we can hear from him very clearly and we can help redirect people's lives back to following the will of God. Our goal is to listen to what the Holy Spirit is saying and provide divine guidance during our private consultation.  In fact, divine guidance is what so many lost, stuck, and confused souls are seeking. 

You are one Breakthrough Coaching Call away from...

  • Finally Getting Unstuck
  • Discovering Your Destiny
  • Walking In Freedom From Fear
  • Being Encouraged To Move Forward
  • Changing Your Financial Situation By Building Your Dream
  • Getting The Breakthrough Lifestyle You Need
  • Feeling The Love Of The Father

What is a Breakthrough Coaching Call?


The Breakthrough Coaching Call is a 30-minute private consultation with Rene Picota.

This is private breakthrough consultation has the potential to unlock your destiny! During our time together you can expect powerful insight concerning the practical steps of activation to unlock your breakthrough.

You may be wondering a little about how we came to be here with you today.

"“Coaching with Rene has totally transformed my life and propelled me forward to help me launch into full time ministry. The calls are always exactly what I need for that season, whether it is prophetic, about time management, structure, strategy, or coaching through a major life transition, he has always been on target. He is very anointed and such a visionary; I would not be where I am today without his coaching.”"

Author, Speaker, Blogger Rehoboth Wells

Just as in Luke 8, the woman with the issue of blood’s whole life was changed by one touch from God! So can yours. It's your turn! Something supernatural is going to shift in your life during this Breakthrough Coaching Call.

  • Do you need healing? Dozens have been healed on these calls.
  •  Do you need deliverance? Your peace can be restored and you can live free!
  •  Do you need salvation? There is no greater joy than to lead someone to the Lord! 

You need divine guidance and powerful breakthrough coaching to reach your next levels of success, joy, and abundance! 

What are you waiting for? Rene's schedule fills up quickly so schedule your breakthrough private consultation while you still can!

 For an investment you won't regret of $77, you can schedule your call right now. We could possibly speak as early as tomorrow, but the schedule is filling up rapidly so don’t procrastinate! 

One word from the Lord has the power to turn a hopeless situation completely around. And when you learn how to activate your breakthrough lifestyle, everything will change in your favor!

YES! I need divine guidance... 


Don't Take My Word For It...

"I recently got let go of my job and the timing could not have been worse with the holidays right around the corner. I was very depressed and stressed about my income. A friend of mine reached out to me and started talking about how he had signed up to have a prophetic call with Rene Picota and how life altering it had been for him. I decided to give it a go and sign up too. Rene right off the bat told me that the words bigger and better kept popping up in his head next to my name. Before I was even able to tell him to pray, so I would be able to get a new job, he proclaimed that God had just now released a new job for me. Less than 24 hours later I received the most unexpected phone call of my life. The company that I had been working for was calling to hire me as one of the head-supervisors in the department I had been working in. Not only that, they increased my salary and apologized for the confusion and explained that I should have never been let go. God is working through Rene Picota and his ministry!"


"My coaching call with Rene changed me entirely. I was on the brink of giving up when I decided to schedule a call with him. I was in a financial bind and had a mass growing in my stomach. I needed urgent prayer because I first was in no position to pay for the procedure and let alone find out if the mass was cancerous or not. Rene prayed for me and I felt heat come over me. He also gave me a prophetic word telling me that this miracle would not only change my life, but the lives of many. By the end of the call I was sure that the mass was gone. The next day I went and schedule another ultrasound. Two days later I had the ultrasound and the mass was not visible! It completely gone!!! I am sharing this because I feel that the people reading this need to see how good God is and how anointed in the spirit Rene truly is."


"Rene prophesied over me with such accuracy. It truly has been life changing for me. I am excited for where my calling is leading me and the destiny over my life. Thank you Rene for your confirmation on so many things and for also bringing new things to light for me. You are a man of God and your prophetic gifting is incredible."


"My coaching call with Rene was so uplifting. After my husband passed earlier this year I was stuck in such a deep depression. I was angry at God and put the blame on him entirely. Rene opened up to me and shared his own personal struggle with the passing of his sister. He spoke life into me and my children's lives. When we are facing discouragement, we need someone who will reflect God at work when we can’t see Him ourselves. Rene has truly done that for me. He told me to turn towards God when tragedy he has struck instead of blaming him for what happened. Even though I didn't understand why it happened, I knew I needed special strength and that I could certainly find it in God. God truly is “the Father of compassion and the God of all comfort, who comforts us in all our troubles”. After speaking with Rene I felt so much lighter and his words of encouragement honestly changed my mindset. Thank you Rene you have been such a blessing in my life."


After our Breakthrough Coaching Call you will...

  • Know exactly what the Lord is saying and the tools to get started
  • Get confirmation for what you have been praying over and have enough faith to stop asking for signs from God
  • Feel the power of God so that you can begin to build your dream
  • Have a breakthrough strategy that you can implement to your life so that you can change your situation
  • Have a sense of peace that surpasses all understanding and discover how to protect your peace even when the enemy tries to steal it from you
  • Receive supernatural wisdom and revelation concerning any area you want help in 
  • Have action steps to implement to your life because without these steps your life will continue moving in the same direction it has

One Breakthrough can change things instantly!

Your Breakthrough Coaching Call is only available for a limited time! Only 10 1 spot left!

YES! I need divine guidance... 


Only 10 1 spot left!


Rene Picota

P.S. If you don't sign up right now you will always wonder what God would have said during our time together. I want to personally pray for you, and give you prophetic insight concerning the practical steps of activation to unlock your breakthrough.

You really can't afford to wait! I have a personal word for you about your breakthrough that will change your life! This is urgent.

I am going to teach you how to breakthrough so that you can make money and be a successful world changer who has a clear vision and purpose. 

Truth is, this could be your reality.

Believe me, if you sing up today, you'll be very glad you did! 

It's yours for the taking...