This Could Be Why Your Prophetic Word Hasn’t Come To Pass

One day as we were standing in a parking lot having a conversation about destiny and the call of God on a person’s life, a friend of mine pulled out a shoe box from the trunk of his car, and he showed me the contents of the box. There were a bunch of cassette tapes in there and many pieces of paper in this box.
(For those of you young ‘uns out there, a cassette tape is what we used to record audio and play music with, before CDs and digital audio recorders. 
As he opened the box and displayed what was inside, He said to me, “You see these?” 
“These are all prophetic words spoken over me. My whole life I’ve been around the miraculous and have been surrounded by powerful prophetic ministries. I’ve been called out with prophetic words time after time after time. Why have none of these come true?”
I normally answer questions directly, because it’s not my style to dodge a question, but this time it...
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4 Signs Ministry Is Suffocating Your Family

Christian leaders: It doesn’t matter what kind of anointed powerhouse our followers think we are….

Ultimately it doesn’t even matter if our ministry is booming, thriving, and growing….

If we are neglecting the needs of our families then we as leaders in the Body of Christ are OUT OF ORDER.

There are more needs than just financial needs, so I’m not just talking about throwing money at the problem. There are physical needs, emotional, and spiritual. This word is for women ministers and men. We as parents are first called as leaders in our homes. Everything we do in ministry should be an overflow. If we as ministers get to the point where our family resents our ministry, that means we are not ministering out of an overflow. 

Now I’m not saying ministry will never be an inconvenience on you or you family because of all people, I know that sometimes it is. What I am saying is when our family knows they ultimately come first, and their needs...

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When Your Calling Goes Unnoticed

Once upon a time I would to go to prophetic conferences and wish that the “big anointed” preacher would notice me and call me out for a prophetic word from God that would somehow show everyone there exactly how special and anointed that I was. That was supposed to confirm what I already felt on the inside and give me a little more respect in my life from the people around me.

The problem was that I was looking for approval and validation from the wrong place. This was a long slow process, but God began to show me that approval from man wasn’t coming. There was no green light from man that I would receive before I could get started “in ministry” as a leader.

I would have to begin to walk into my calling without any fanfare.

God showed me that I would just have to begin serving people and loving people and ministering to people without a great big hoopla. We’re talking a whole lotta of washing toilets, and very rarely ever getting to...

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When Healing Doesn’t Happen In The Prayer Line

healing spiritual growth Mar 10, 2017

Almost a year ago I came to terms with the fact that I was sick and had been sick for a while. Some days were good, but many days I was very tired, my body hurt, and I just didn’t know how I would muster up enough energy to go about normal tasks like blowdrying my hair. The spring and summer of 2016 were cluttered with ER visits and doctor visits for me. That summer was beautiful and wonderful many reasons, but it was also painful and hard.

I had gained weight slowly but steadily over the course of a couple years. I stayed slightly depressed and bummed on and off, which is extremely uncharacteristic of my natural personality.

When my symptoms began to escalate to chest pains, migraines, extreme fatigue and confusion, bladder infections, and E. coli, I started getting serious about pursuing medical help. I didn’t know what was going on but I knew we had to figure out quickly!

Now keep in mind that I’m a Christian pastor who FULLY believes in...

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Your Personal Role In Releasing God’s Glory

spiritual growth Mar 07, 2017

Through a couple different supernatural encounters, God spoke something utterly profound to me about His Glory, and what our role is in releasing Glory in the Earth through our everyday lives. I want to share with you what God revealed to me through these experiences. It is is my hope that we can advance the Kingdom of God together, in our separate lives, and have great impact for God in the Earth.

Several months ago, I had a dream. In this dream, Jesus positioned my arms as if I was carrying something. With His finger he wrote on my right forearm the word “glory”. The words appeared as a rainbow on my arm.

What Holy Spirit told me is that God was about to teach me about how to be a carrier of His Glory. Woah.

I was absolutely wrecked for like the entire day.

Several days later, one morning I was working, doing my usual thing, except I just could not get my mind on my work. I was tearing up, and just very moved, to the point of tears. It wasn’t like I was sad...

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You’re Not A Sinner

spiritual growth Feb 24, 2017

You’re not a sinner.

Even if that statement bothers you, offends you, or even if you think I’m dead wrong…. I’d like for you to do me a favor….give me the benefit of the doubt…. I promise to try to clear up the confusion surrounding this topic… keep reading.

For every good thing the Father has to say about you, there is a lie that the enemy would love for you to believe instead. The thing at stake here is your IDENTITY. Will you accept who God says you are, or will you allow the accuser of the brethren (satan) to fool you into thinking you’re who he wants you to be.

A sin problem is really an identity problem.

Even in the very beginning of mankind, when Eve ate of the fruit of the tree of knowledge, the serpent (satan) told Eve that if she would eat of that fruit, she would be like God.

The problem with that is that Eve forgot the most foundational truth about her identity. It may well have been the only truth she knew about...

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Your Next Season Of Success Awaits You!

 I have fought the good fight, I have finished the race, I have kept the faith. – 2 Timothy 4:7

I hear the Spirit of the Lord saying you will end this year strong! The things that you asked the Lord to do for you in the previous months are about to manifest before your eyes. Keep pressing through for your breakthrough! Just like Jacob I have seen you wrestling  for your blessing. The blessing is yours says the Lord!

You are in a season where the Lord is requiring you to step into a new season of success. Not everyone will be able to go with you to your next season of success. Some people from the season of your struggle have not had the revelation to move. Watch out! They may try to keep you where they are because they are comfortable with where they are and where you are. I am calling you to move in some uncomfortable ways. I am calling you to say and do things you have never done before!

When I say...

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You Are About To Launch!

Have I not commanded you? Be strong and courageous. Do not be frightened, and do not be dismayed, for the Lord your God is with you wherever you go.” –Joshua 1:9

I hear the Spirit of the Lord saying that this is a season to launch! It is a season where I am thrusting you forth into your destiny. You will know new dimensions of My glory where you will find the substance you need to move to your next level.

I am giving you access by faith to new gifts and the courage you need.

The rumbling in your life is because the engines of My Spirit have been turned on. It is the fire of My Spirit that is going to send your forth! You are about to propel into your future. Let those people who are holding you back go. They were only in your life for a season or for a reason. Bless them and move on. How you treat others will be a direct reflection of how they will treat you. Stop going to the same places. I am calling you into the new.

And I will...

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Fresh Wind Is Blowing!

The wind blows where it wishes and you hear the sound of it, but do not know where it comes from and where it is going; so is everyone who is born of the Spirit. -John 3:8 NASB

There is a fresh wind blowing across the land. The wind is the breeze of the Holy Spirit. It is bringing refreshing to His children. His wind is directing and redirecting us. His wind is gently leading us into the center of His will. This wind is not something we must fight. Let go of the familiar. I hear the Father saying, I am moving in a new way. I am moving in a new direction. Embrace the wind and you will never be the same.

We must position the sails of our heart and go where He leads us.

The wind is blowing the chaff away from our lives. His wind is blowing you out of the wrong alliances and associations. You will glide into your destiny effortlessly. We must stop striving and rest in the power of God. So many are fighting. When will you put your gloves down and let me fight for you? You...

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I’m Releasing A Fresh Prophetic Anointing!

Once more Jesus put His hands on the man’s eyes. Then his eyes were opened, his sight was restored, and he saw everything clearly. -Mark 8:25

I hear the Spirit of the Lord saying I am releasing a fresh prophetic anointing for those who are hungry. I am opening up the eyes of those who ask Me. I am pouring out My Spirit on My sons and daughters and they will prophesy. They will declare that which the Lord is doing. For in this season many have been experiencing attacks from the enemy. Some have felt confusion, fatigue, and the effects of witchcraft. But the Lord says it is broken right now in Jesus name! I am giving you a clear vision of what is to come. Where you have not seen you will see. Where you were confused about things to come you will know and move in faith. I am restoring that which once flowed with interest!

I am releasing a fresh breath upon you today!

I am releasing a pure divine flow from the Throne Room. It shall flow to you and through you...

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