Prophetic Word: Cut Off The Excess

This is a season to cut off the excess. If it’s not serving the vision God’s giving you for this season, then it’s got to go. If it’s draining you to the point where you can’t do what God has called you to do, then it’s got to go.

Relationships that are draining you so much, relationships that are toxic and distracting, “friendships” that are just them using you and making you feel guilty and tapped out always…. Those have got to go.

Listen, so much of what happens to me is a living parable and recently one of those things happened, but God was speaking the whole time.

I had plans to grow my hair out, but after going rose gold blonde, I had quite a bit of breakage. I managed to finally grow my hair passed my shoulders but I could tell it wasn’t healthy. My ends were frazzled and my hair was uneven because of the breakage near my face. I knew I just needed to take a few inches off of it and stop walking around frazzled just because I’m being stubborn.

YOU SEE SOMETIMES YOU NEED TO CUT OFF WHAT IS DEAD, because you can’t grow while carrying around all that dead weight.

It doesn’t make sense because you want to go forward, and cutting this off feels like going backwards, but it’s really NOT in the long run.

I’m reminded of Gideon who needed to form an army to fight the Midianites, but then God gives him this weird test to weed out so many soldiers. In the natural, we think “well you just need as many soldiers as you can get when you go into battle” but God doesn’t operate this way, and the ways of heaven aren’t the ways of society. More is not always better. God weeds down the size of Gideon’s army and of course they are victorious anyways.

God is calling you to cut back on very specific things. Things that are dead weight and aren’t a blessing anymore, that aren’t flourishing anymore, that you aren’t called to anymore. In the natural it may seem like if you stop doing these things you’re taking a step back from your goals, but trust God because you are going to feel so much lighter when you cut this stuff out so that you can walk with your head held high and happy knowing that you are going to be victorious and you are going to reach those goals.


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Be blissed,

Amber Picota
Co-Founder of Kingdom Bliss Ministries

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